About Arif's Academy

Our classes are taught by Arif Professionals Artist who have attended extensive training in the Sassoon Hair Styling and Makeup Artis methods. Our instructors understand the value of continued education in this industry and therefore stay current on today’s trends and methods.
At Arif's Academy you will learn in-depth Hair Styling and Makeup Artist techniques by working on clients in a real salon environment. Our instructors are there to guide you every step of the way and our goal is to teach the most effective ways to provide the very best experience to our clients. This is why we spend so much time focusing on the importance of communication and tailoring your approach to best suit an individual’s needs.
Our teaching and curriculum help you succeed in the hair design profession and digital resources are available to enhance your education. We provide you with the tools to grow in your career utilizing today’s technologies and we value the importance of a strong social media presence.

Why Us?

Our Academy is giving our learners a comprehensive portfolio of professional hairdressing courses through an exceptional training system that has become definitive and that has inspired and accelerated skill learning for generations of hair & makeup professionals of all experience levels.
This is the main reason why all our courses available are delivered in an optimum Real-life working setting: a practical and underpinning theoretical learning environment with a maximum of 10 students every class where you will receive constant attention when at *work.

Our Mission

Our Academy is dedicated to provide an elite education that teaches students the most current techniques, trends, methods and artistic approaches thereby producing highly desired and employable graduates.