Short Term Makeup Training - You’ll Benefit From Our Course By :

The makeup artist course is designed for both, beginners and established professionals. The makeup classes are hosted by industry experts, who train and groom you to become professional artists.
So, all you need is to take out some time from your daily schedule and join the short term makeup courses.
What can be more exciting than becoming a makeup professional in just 4-6 days?
As a part of the short term courses, you will get trained in the following areas :

  •  Air Brush
  •  Pakistani Makeup
  •  3D HD Combination
  •  Smoky Eye Makeup
  •  Party Makeup
  •  HIGH Lighting
  •  Bridal Makeup
  •  Arabian Eye Makeup
  •  Sagan Makeup
  •  Face Contouring
  •  High Definition
  •  Color Wheel

20 Days


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